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Zoho User Group Leaders

Lead Zoho User Groups and inspire your local Zoho Community to learn, grow, and succeed together!

Zoho User Group Leaders

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What is ZUG?

ZUG is a network that brings local Zoho users together. You meet with peers from your city, share experiences, learn, and make plenty of useful connections.

What makes a ZUG leader anyway?

Are you one for sharing your knowledge, networking, or having fun events? Enlist to become a ZUG leader.

Why should you be a ZUG leader?

  • As a ZUG leader, you'll be an extension of Zoho. You'll work closely with a Community Manager to facilitate ZUG meetups in your city.
  • Being a ZUG leader gives you an opportunity to stay up to date on Zoho tech and keep learning, professionally boosting your career in the long run.
  • As a ZUG leader, you are one of the core members of the group that represents Zoho.
  • Network with Zoho experts and get recognized for your contribution in building and managing the user group.
  • Participate in setting the meetup agenda and lead the discussions during ZUG meetups. As a ZUG leader, we trust your insights on what benefits your user group.
  • Get special discounts or free passes to upcoming Zoholics sessions, online and offline training and certification, and other events hosted by Zoho Corp.

How you can contribute

  • Actively engage with your peers on Zoho product communities that interest you.
  • Share your experiences from the meetups on the online community.
  • You are welcome to write excerpts for blogs on Zoho Community.
  • Help identify sponsors for User Group meetups.
  • Stay up to date on Zoho products like new features, upgrades, and more.
  • Engage on social media during Zoho User Group meetups in your city, tagging Zoho handles including @ZohoCommunity.
  • Help in shortlisting venues for the meetup.
  • Expected to attend ZUG meetups frequently and be responsive to communications with the Zoho Community.


How do you launch Zoho Community Meetups in your region?

Once your application is approved, you will be directed to work closely with a Regional Community Manager. You can discuss plans, ideas and decide on an agenda and plan of action of the meetup.

How often do you have to organize Zoho User Group meetups?

A minimum of four meetups a year should be organized for a ZUG.

How do you submit feedback regarding a meetup?

After every user group meetup, you can either get on a call with your RCM or provide a report detailing feedback and happenings of a meetup.

Who can become a ZUG leader?

Only Zoho customers and users can become Zoho User Group leaders. Zoho employees and its partners do not qualify as ZUG leaders.

Can more than one ZUG leader head one meetup?

The short answer is 'Yes'. A user from the core group leads a ZUG. Users in this core group can take turns or partner. Collaboration between ZUG leaders is encouraged. This will help divide up responsibilities and workload

How do you define successful ZUG meetups?

Even if we enable one user from the meetup to implement a Zoho product better, we consider that a success. Repeated users are a good sign of building the local community. 

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