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Focus Group Webinar - Advanced and New Email Configurations in Zoho CRM


Focus Group Webinar - Integrating Zoho CRM with Zoho Campaigns


Focus Group Webinar - Basics of emails in Zoho CRM


Focus Group Webinar - Integrating Zoho Books and Zoho CRM


Focus Group Webinar - Integrating Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics


Focus Group Webinar - Revamped reporting in Zoho CRM


Focus Group Webinar - Sales Forecasting in Zoho CRM


Integrating Zoho Desk with Zoho CRM


Multiple Sandbox and newer Sandbox enhancements


Revamping your Sales Strategy for the new year with Zoho CRM


Part 1 - Zoho CRM's Blueprint 3.0


A Focus Group webinar series. Part - 3 - Widget for Zoho Projects


A Focus Group webinar series. Part - 2 - Widget for Zoho Desk


A Focus Group webinar series. Part - 1 - Widget for Zoho CRM


Building customer intelligence with Zoho CRM's Zia for emails, assignment and workflow suggestions


Building customer intelligence in Zoho CRM - Zia Prediction Builder, Recommendations and Validation


Building customer foundation with Zoho CRM - Signals, Call customization, Calls and emails workflows


Building customer foundation with Zoho CRM - Wizards, Multiple Sales Pipelines and Review Process


Building customer insight with Webform Analytics and A/B testing, Cohort and Quadrant Analysis


Building customer insight with Zoho CRM's Segmentation and Marketing Attribution


Building customer experience with Zoho CRM's CommandCenter


Zobot 101 - Part 6 - Build a Zobot with Zia Skills


Zobot 101 - Part 5 - Build a Zobot with Watson


Zobot 101 - Part 4 - Build bot using Zoho's SalesIQ and Dialogflow


Zobot101 - Part 3 - Building a Zobot using SalesIQ's script - Advanced


Zobot 101 - Part 2 - Build a Zobot using SalesIQ Scripts - Basics


Zobot 101 - Part 1 - Introduction to SalesIQ and Zobot


Focus Group - Admin best-practices to use Zoho CRM


Functions101 - More on Zoho CRM functions


Functions101 - Getting started with Zoho CRM functions


Functions101 - List & Map


Functions101 - Beginner Series


Focus Group: Webinar on What's new in Zoho CRM.


Focus group: Personalize a view in a module using Canvas view.


Focus Group: Enhanced features in customizing Zoho CRM.


Focus Group: Epics in Zoho Sprints


Focus Group: Setting up SalesInbox, guide and tips.


Focus Group: Integrated Finance Suite in Zoho CRM


Focus Group: Enhanced De-duplication in ZOHO CRM with auto-merge and more.


Focus Group: Tagging contacts, leads, and accounts in Zoho CRM.

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About Focus Groups

This Community Learning Series aims to get you up to speed on new features, and helps you learn in an engaging and fun way. Focus Groups are on-demand and aim to promote learning and growth. They centre around:

Focus Groups

    New features, on the brink of release or features that are fresh out on the market.


    Popular features that are the center of discussions in the community.


    Features that possess high potential and usability but require a learning curve.


    Connecting with your peers from the focus group on the online forums and continuing discussions.


    Sharing your feedback and ideas so the members who missed the session can join in.

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