Zoho MVPs

The Zoho MVP program recognizes exceptional community members who go the extra mile to contribute to the Zoho ecosystem.

What is the Zoho MVP program all about?

The Zoho MVP program is a framework to recognize and reward outstanding community contributors. This program gives Zoho an opportunity to seek out product experts and enthusiasts who want to give back to the community and also grow with Zoho.

Who is an MVP?

Zoho MVP - Champion

Champions demonstrate their product expertise and business acumen by actively engaging in the Zoho Community. They set the right examples in the community with their solutions, ideas, and constructive criticism, and are rightfully looked upon as ambassadors by the other members of the community.

Zoho MVP - Catalyst

Catalysts are thought leaders and influencers with proven Zoho expertise. Writing books or courses, speaking at events, and doing product videos are some among the contributions made by the Catalysts, and are critical to a thriving Zoho ecosystem.


Zoho MVP - Champions

Zoho MVP - Catalysts

How to become an MVP

To get you started on your way to becoming an MVP, here are some best practices that can help get you on the right track.

Please note that the MVP selection may or may not be solely based on the fulfilment of these best practices. Other factors like positivity quotient, being civil in forum replies, value addition in discussions etc would also be taken into consideration.

Why become an MVP

For all of your efforts and contributions as an MVP, we have a few tokens of appreciation and recognition for you:

And more..

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