Zoho CRM - Orchestration Hackathon

Learn. Implement. Win. Repeat.

Dear Community,

We are excited to host this hackathon on Orchestration. We'd love to see how you use Orchestration to define your cross-module process across your organization.

It's a great opportunity to not only learn as you do, but also to learn from what your peers are doing and showcase your CRM skills. Plus, there are chances to win an Amazon voucher!

Here's all you need to do to participate:

What's in it for you:


Participation rules:

  • The last date to share your entries is 19th Mar 2020

  • No geographic restrictions

  • No abusive language, racist, or sexist comments

  • Winners will be adjudged by a panel of Zoho Product Managers

  • Top 5 entries will win $50 Amazon e-voucher

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